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    Ready to dive in a magical year Our news for an incredible decorative season

    On the starting grid for this new season, we would like to share with you some of the most remarkable new products for the just started year. Christmasworld 2019 was the test for showing, for the very first time, some of the newest creations of our Design Team.

    For those of you which still haven’t had the chance of meeting our newcomer products, go ahead  and have a look below:

    • Fabula 400

      Step in an enchanted world through this gateway-book. Elegant in its finishes and gold garlands, Fabula 400 won’t go unnoticed. Enlightened by immersive warm white lights, defined in its outline thanks to its white LED rope light, enriched with precious greenery, this gateway can create a magic fairy-like atmosphere for every staging. Born to master thematic projects, this three-dimensional subject can fit both in and outdoor settings and can rely, besides its safe 24V low voltage, on safety standards granted by IP44 certification.

    • SKETIS 200

      Far beyond the usual garland. SKETIS 200 is a mistletoe-like festoon which joins the classic style of spruce garland and the modern and captivating touch of Neon effect rope light. Its gentile arcuate shape is embellished by a rainfall of gold disks and warm white LEDs. They can be easily set in sequence in wide numbers, creating evocative and romantic porches. Ideal for light tunnels, Sketis is an evergreen classic revisited with special cares for a modern design, in line with the most recent trends of Christmas.


      The world of light decorations goes far beyond the traditional Christmas lightings. Thanks to our well tested experience in constantly designing more sophisticated and captivating subjects, we’ve been entering since a while in the world of stylish decorations specifically conceived for shop windows and commercial areas, breaking free from the boundaries of Christmas. The POP WALL we’ve presented at Christmasworld 2019 matched signs and decorative tags realized with top trending technologies in the field of shopping areas design: backlit panels and Neon Flex rope light. These creations distinguish themselves for an unmatchable colour depth, for magnetic and professional look and a matchless versatility. Rigorously realized in low voltage, these elements will, with no doubt, be able to make you fall in love with them if what you’re looking for is a creative solution to adorn your shops.

    • FANOS 500

      he magic aura of a crossable lantern, gigantic and sparkling, shines bright in the delicate warm white shades of FANOS 500. Completely realized with low voltage light, easily dismountable, light yet solid thanks to its gold painted aluminium structure, this creation melts together the classic fashion of spruce greenery and its delicate liberty style warm white rope light curves, surmounted by a refined light cupola.
      Fanos 500 is perfect for both bucolic and urban spaces.

    These were just few of the new products we’ve been introducing at Christmasworld 2019, but there is more to come! Be back next week to discover more…