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    Our goal is to surprise you! Idolight's news for a sparkling decorative season

    As usual, Christmasworld is the testing ground to show Idolight last and more innovative creations.

    Each installation has ben thought and studied to amaze and involve people. For those of you which still haven’t had the chance of meeting our newcomer products, go ahead and have a look below:

    • HUT

      The ultimate turning point in Christmas Markets. This extremely effective facade is the ideal mask to change the face of peculiar wooden bungalows which monopolize each Christmas market, turning them – as if by magic – into elegant luminous stands capable of clouding the competitors! A thin yet sturdy aluminium structure, born red but customizable in its painting to match every need, is the home for precious disk garlands and traditional spruce-like greenery. LEDs and Rope Lights in a well balanced harmony of cold and warm white shades are the luminous primer, specifically conceived to be delicate and elegant, which is mastered by the revolutionary Neon Flex writing, ideal for creating astonishing signs with a matchless design. A crown of LED bulbs, alongside painted inserts, are the final detail of this facade which will, with no doubt, conquer all of the Christmas Markets.


      Nice and somewhat hypnotic, Pinecone is the bivalent pine cone which, as its real counterpart in nature, can be found both hanging and on the ground. Equipped with a sturdy hanging ring, Pinecone is incredibly impressive if hanging from high vaults, you will only need to turn it upside-down and mount it on its base to get an effectively filling standalone subject. Incredibly light thanks to its aluminium structure, looked after in its gold painted inserts and bronze garlands, Pinecones – which comes in both 140 and 200 cm size – are lit by warm white 24V LEDs.

    • TAGOS & RAGO

      Simple and thin, these different twins in the world of hanging decors were born to fill wide spaces with huge quantities. Their low profile – well balanced design guarantees maximum decorative effect even on daylight thanks to its gol mirror inserts which valorize the sun light, while traditional warm white LEDs grant a balanced emphasis in the shadow of twilight hours. Their captivating sharpened design give them a modern and astonishing look, ideal for urban areas – especially in indoor locations – with special regards for those spaces characterised by modern architecture.

    • HORA

      The unstoppable time flow is marked by the never ending pour of this gigantic hour glass. Hora 500, lit by polyhedral CHROMIX LEDs – programmable and controllable – framed by elegant warm white lights. Thanks to its majestic appearance and its all-around seats, Hora is the focal point of settings intended for highly crowded places. Entirely realized with gold painted aluminium structure, Hora exploits its majesty to fill and adorn wide spaces. Its large laminated bases are suitable for applying stickers of any kind, such as sponsors, logos or messages, while the versatility of CHROMIX allow to easily change its colours and effects.

    Revive the magic of our stand at Christmasworld 2019