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    Tailor-made Customized professional decorations and luminous sceneries

    Idolight is the ideal business partner providing value-added products and services for integrated sceneries and luminous decorations planning, design and management.
    Through design of bespoke decoration solutions, Idolight makes the most of its skills and guarantees winning solutions to its customers both under the aestethic-emotional aspect and the economical and organizational one.

    Working with Idolight stands for relying on a professional team made of people, graphic designers and competent technicians ready to conceive original proposals able to satisfy any demand for bright decoration’s projects.

    One of the most exciting projects of last years was surely “Le 1000” one, the Christmas set-up for the prestigious 51-floor skyscraper in Montreal’s downtown. The project was realized together with our Canadian partner, Artea: thanks to the strict collaboration with well-established companies all over the world, Idolight’s able to provide an unparalleled service for truly customized projects.

    The modern set-up well fits the contemporary and exclusive background: the large entrance hall is decorated by modern products by the Decoart Collection, such Phil 300 and Pinephil 150, integrated with traditional green garlands and the majestic York trees that welcome the customers on their way in. Focal points of the project are the remarkable skating rink’s atrium under a lights’ cascade and the food court, decorated with Bloom 100and Modhen 120 from Display Collection which frame vintage printings.

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