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    Back in town! Christmasworld 2018 has come to an end, it's time to start a new season

    Idolight thanks you all for meeting us at this happening, for sharing with us your ideas, desires and objectives. Thanks to our International partners, to our old and new worldwide customers and, last but not least, to the most varied community of visitors who stepped into our stand!

    It has been an unforgettable, galvanizing though trying experience which will give us the right boost and the strongest energy to start over, already focused on the next Christmas, with our usual passion and dedication.
    We are now back to work, always guaranteeing you the freshest creativity and the finest Italian Design, alongside with the most attentive research and the newest technology.

    By thanking you all, let Idolight invite you to take a closer look to some of the top trending products on display at Christmasworld 2018:

    • TEEPU 600

      Our brand new crossable conic tree with its joyful and vivid programmable and remote-controllable RGB LED spiral. Elegant white finished aluminium frame, stylish iridescent garland cover, enlighted with bright white LED strings, this pearly subject combines grace and jollity. Perfect look in daytime, astonishing in the dark.

    • BALI 600

      This appealing six meter tall gold finished aluminum subject can fill any empty space with the very best decorative result. A skilled, balanced mix of warm white and bright white LED strings, alongside with the versatility and the decorative effect of white LED Ropelight constitutes the lighting of this unique subject. Enriched with sparkly gold garland and baubles, wispy greenery, and it’s crossable wicker basket, Bali is with no doubt an evocative subject you might not want to miss.


      Fahen bush combines a captivating design, a tasteful finish and a simple though delightful two-tone lighting. Built in gold painted aluminium and available in 2 dimensions, this decorative bush is enlightened with warm white LED strings and white LED Ropelight, refined with gold limited garland and transparent jewellery. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor decoration, this product can give any location a unique bright touch.

    • FARGO 300

      Whether it’s a mall, a house or any other building, turn every location in a Christmas gift with Fargo: a 3 meter wide aluminium bow with coordinate ribbon, covered with a festive red special garland and enriched by white LED ropelight curls, that give Fargo his exclusive sparkle.

    • PAPA CANDY 500

      Nothing symbolizes Christmas better than Santa Claus, this is why we never renounce to give you brand new Santa concepts: Papa Candy 500 is our 2018 huge, colourful proposal.
      Aluminium built, 5 meter tall, this decoration is enlighted with extra-safe low voltage LED strings. Bring in your location the unmistakable, magical and traditional Christmas atmosphere with this big, gentle giant.

    Discover the new RGB products with DMX technology! Here are some 2016 installation videos