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    Work together A simple, clear, and fast path to support all customer needs

    Request the development of a project directly to Idolight by following three simple steps:

    • Take pictures

      Take pictures

      of the spaces and structures you want to decorate
      The quality of the final result starts with you! A high resolution and framing of the image translate into a better capacity to provide you with clear and realistic photos and videos of the project. Take some pictures of the most significant views, thinking about what will be the focal points of your installation.

    • Send


      the images in digital format, together with a short briefing on the desired project
      Send your pictures to our design office through digital channels adding a detailed description of the required decoration (technical requirements, measures of the environments, estimated budget).

    • Get


      the project folder containing the digital processing of the proposals we developed
      In short time you will receive a project folder in PDF format, which will contain one or more graphic proposals followed by a detailed quotation.

    By choosing Idolight, our customers benefit from a variety of services that our working system can offer, which is the key to our success on expertise, speed and efficiency.

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