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    Hi-tech Christmas in Bethlehem

    IDOLIGHT has always been proposing its customers, alongside with traditional static led-based subjects range, even more daring and innovative solutions, capable of generating incredibly evocative, dynamic and interactive effects. One of those is Color-X technology, an original range of controllable and programmable RGB LED lit products.

    As most daring among all of the Color-X projects we can certainly include IDOLIGHT – LIGTHSUP ISRAEL project, which led to the realization – in palestinian city of Bethlehem – of a 100% Color-X technology focused staging.

    A mejestic 13 m tall conical tree, programmed with creative geometrical and curvilineal technicolor effects, this tree – stronghold of the entire project – was raised underneath a suggestive Color-X baubles ceiling, a real bright pixel carpet floating above the square, varied and shimmering in colors and fantasies as well.

    The entire setting was harmonized to shine and swap effects at once, thanks to its programmable nature and an only master controller capable of managing all of the Color-X components among the staging.

    Color-Xseries can rely on a rich background of dedicated accessories and controllers which allow, far beyond traditional programming, a real time control and interaction of the effects. Straight from your own computer. Incomparable versatility of this technology furthermore makes it possible to cross the static borders of conventional decoration, turning every staging into a potential advertising vehicle, guaranteeing an otherwise hardly achievable visibility.

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