Environmental Policy

Idolight’s vision of lighting includes a more natural dimension

Our aim is to develop life-enhancing technological innovation, in order to guarantee a people-friendly future. Man’s artistic genius at the service of nature’s beauty. Artistic genius at the service of man. Within the perspective of ethical design, one issue that is strongly linked to sustainability in industrial manufacturings recycling. Recycling also represents a means of establishing truly unique objects and exclusive brands. Sustainable development is a value shared by Idolight®, a firm that has always devoted specific attention to sustainability in terms of eco-design, since it is well aware that design plays a fundamental role in the control and limitation of the impact that a product may have on the environment throughout its life cycle.

Within a policy of reduction of energy consumption, Idolight’s commitment in terms of eco-sustainability takes concrete shape through the promotion of its leading products with low energy consumption.

Economic and environmental advantages deriving from using LEDs are:

  • high light efficiency
  • low consumption
  • reduced CO2 emissions
  • very long operation time
  • short maintenance cycles


The potential of technology research.

Today’s vision sees technology at the service of sustainable manufacturing, and concerns both impact on the environment and rational use of its resources.

The development of contemporary lighting respecting nature while meeting human needs.

Create outstanding decorations that make themselves admired and for which the environment is not affected is the thought behind Idolight® Green Vision, which influences the choices that involve the products, the materials, the selection of the suppliers. Urban spaces and commercial areas intended as a place of psychophysical wellbeing, at one with nature. Following traditional spatial relationships between man and nature, man’s “artificial” settings are absorbed into the natural environment.

    Idolight® is committed in creating products and systems that minimize energy consumption during “the use”. LED technology allows a significant energy savings that can reduce the power consumption up to 80% compared to traditional technologies.
    Idolight® ensures to make the best use of its resources, preserving non renewable energies, optimizing the production process and performing in an accurate planning. The brand is implementing a program aimed at shortening the shipping routes, thereby reducing CO2 emissions. Results in 2013: about 40% of production was moved from non-European countries to Europe, in order to reduce transport and therefore reduce pollution.
    Idolight® has adapted packaging using new technologies and innovative materials in order to reduce wastage at the end user. The FSC® label (Forest Stewardship Council)® identifies products containing wood from forests that are managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental standard.
    All Idolight® products are fully recyclable: at the end of its working life the product is meant to be disposed according to WEEE regulations. Instructions for a correct disposal of the electonic waste are supplied with the products.