Privacy Policy

Datas collected from this website:

This website doesn’t actively collect any kind of data. The only datas collected by the websites are supplied from the users that subscribes the newsletter service. The informations inserted into the contact forms aren’t collected or saved. Sending an email from the website’s forms doesn’t imply newsletter subscription.

The datas submitted to us are used only for the finalities expressed at the time of the submission. If a user submits his/her email address to subscribe to the newsletter service, the given email address will be used only to send newsletters. The addresses saved to our database won’t be shared with any third-party subjects.


This website uses cookies to imporve the users’ experience. The cookies are little data packets that are saved on users’ computers that allows the website to recognize that computer in the next connections. E.G. a cookie allows a website to “remember” the choices a user made when he/her loads another page. Each cookie expires after a certain period than may be eventually set by the user. Please, refer to your browser’s “Privacy” tab to see a complete list of the cookies currently stored on your computer and edit or erease them.

Cookies have different functions; they are distinguished under two main ‘categories’: ‘technical cookies‘, only used to provide extra features to the website, and ‘profiling cookies‘, useful to trace a ‘profile’ of the user, based on his/her behaviour over the web.

This website uses only technical cookies, and specifically:

cookie name description expiration
_ga Google Analytics’ main cookie. 2 years
_gat Google Analytics’ “optimizer”. 10 minutes
_gali Google Analytics’ “Live traffic” cookie. 30 seconds
qtrans_front_language Lets the website know what language the user is using. 1 year
wfvt_ Controls live traffic and checks for security risks 30 minutes
viewed_cookie_policy Checks if the user has accepted the cookies/privacy policy 1 year


Google Analytics

This website uses the Google Analytics service to collect anonymous statistic data about how users interacts with this website. This service uses cookies that track users’ behaviour inside the website. More informations about Google Analytics can be found on the pages linked below:
You may disable Google Analytics with a tool supplied by Google itself:

How to Allow cookies from this website

By Clicking “OK” in the cookie banner or proceeding into the website, you agree and allow the use of cookies.

How to Not Allow cookies form this website

To disable, set or erease the cookies from this or other websites, please refer to your browser’s “Privacy” tab that may be found under Settings or Configurations panels.