LED Waterfall 230V

Idolight Waterfall use LED Plus System, a mechanism made of 3 cluster LED instead of a single one. Waterfall are EASY JOINT and connectable to each other, using only one controller coupled with the power cord.

LED WF 180

Size: 3×1,5m
LEDs: 180
LED spacing: 7cm
Strings: 3
Extendable: 10pcs. – 30m
Rated voltage: 230V
Power consumption: 18,4W
white LED, white cable 107-004

LED WF 360

Size: 6×1,5m
LEDs: 360
LED spacing: 7cm
Strings: 6
Extendable: 5pcs. – 30m
Rated voltage: 230V
Power consumption: 36,8W
white LED, white cable 107-001
ip44classIIsuitable for installation on normally flammable surfacesenergy saving product