LED flash strings

Flashing LED String.. great scenic effect saving 80% of energy. Flashing LED string, connectable to other Easy Joint products, is made with bulbs containing 8 LED diodes managed without the help of an external control unit, with rubber cables for maximum water and weather resistance. Appealing product, this string can be used alone or added to embellish decoration of facades or trees.


Lenght: 3,5m
No. of Lamps: 6
Lamp spacing: 50cm
Segments: 1×3,5m
Extendable: 20pcs. – 70m
Rated voltage: 230V
Power consumption: 4,6W
white LED, white cable 113-001


Lenght: 50m
No. of Lamps: 45
Lamp spacing: 102cm
Segments: 5x10m
Extendable: 2pcs. – 140m
Rated voltage: 230V
Power consumption: 23W
white LED, black cable 113-011
ip44classIIsuitable for installation on normally flammable surfacesenergy saving product