Embracing extra-large decorations

Every project needs a focal point to mark it out: an element or a composition able to lend the right mood to all the decoration. Idolight’s Urban collection aims to achieve this goal, offering giant motifs that immediately enhance the wow-factor of the installation.

With Idolight’s walk-through ornaments, the user can be truly part of the decoration, taking selfies and sharing them on the social networks. Curlien 500, Hensel 500 and Bauble 350 are also suitable to create Christmas grottoes inside shopping malls, perfect to accomodate Santa Claus and his elves, busy to wrap last moment gift boxes.

Curlien 500 and Hensel 500 are part of our best-seller products: provided in modular frames to save space during the storage, they’re easy to assemble in less than 2 hours. The frame is built in powder painted aluminium, light and long-lasting even outside, but steady thanks to the galvanised iron base that keeps the structure fastened to the ground. All our spheres are lit up with low voltage LED strings to guarantee safety in each use situation.

Curlien 500, modular frames

Other interesting opportunities that you will find available
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DSC 2307
Discover the new RGB products with DMX technology! Here are some 2016 installation videos