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Idolight’s 230V products range.

LED flash strings

Flashing LED String.. great scenic effect saving 80% of energy. Flashing LED string, connectable to other Easy Joint products, is made with bulbs containing 8 LED diodes managed without the help of an external control unit, with rubber cables for maximum water and weather resistance. Appealing product, this string can be used alone or added to embellish decoration of facades or trees. Continue reading

LED Rope Light 230V

Always at the forefront in terms of quality and safety, Idolight LED Rope light are made of self-extinguishing PVC, for professional use, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Idolight LED Rope light lend itself to the decoration of buildings, edges and architectural details. Thanks to the great flexibility of a high quality material, they can also be easily adapted also to the creation of LED decorations on the chassis. Continue reading